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ModRetro • Koss

Porta Pro

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The acclaimed Koss Porta Pro® has captivated audiophiles and music enthusiasts for decades and continues to be one of the most popular headphones worldwide.

Originally introduced in 1984, the Koss Porta Pro® has stood the test of time due to its impressive performance and portability. Equipped with dynamic elements that deliver a wide frequency response and deep bass, Porta Pro® offers remarkable sound reproduction producing a rich, detailed audio experience that enhances the enjoyment of music across various genres.

In addition to its exceptional sound quality, Porta Pro® offers an unmatched level of comfort. Its distinctive retro aesthetic, lightweight design and adjustable headband ensure a snug fit, while the foam ear cushions provide long-lasting comfort during extended listening sessions. Portability is another key feature, as they fold up neatly into a compact size, making them easy to carry in a bag or pocket while on the go. With its iconic design, exceptional sound quality, and enduring popularity, the Koss Porta Pro® has firmly established itself as a beloved and respected headphone option among music enthusiasts around the world.

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