Create for the Chromatic

Create for the Chromatic

Calling All Indie Game Devs: Create for the Chromatic!

At ModRetro, our goal is to rekindle cherished memories and introduce a new generation to the joys of 8 bit gaming. Our first device, the Chromatic, captures the essence of handheld gaming and makes it accessible to all ages. Both young players and seasoned gamers alike benefit from the high quality, hassle-free experience Chromatic offers.  

When reflecting on gaming on the big gray brick, childhood memories come rushing forward; battling with friends, exploring new worlds during family trips, and unforgettable high-score standoffs fueling sibling rivalry. These experiences not only shaped our love for gaming, but for many of us, grew into a passion for indie game development. 

The ubiquity of classic handheld consoles has always laid in their simplicity and durability. Their intuitive design, long battery life, and rugged build made these devices instant favorites that effortlessly survived the rough treatment of an incredibly young user base. These consoles accessed a huge library of games, but due to their limited capabilities, developers were pushed to innovate with art, gameplay, and storytelling which crafted experiences that many modern games fail to meet. 

At ModRetro, we are committed to preserving this legacy and inspiring creativity in the indie game development community. The Chromatic system brings the magic of pixel-perfect accuracy and rich 8-bit soundtracks. Our launch lineup will feature a collection of physical cartridges that can be cherished for years to come.

As a long-time developer, I’ve witnessed the growing interest in indie games. The community's passion for experiencing and collecting physical copies of new titles has led to remarkable advancements in development tools, making game creation more accessible than ever.

We believe these games should be played by as many people as possible. Our release schedule includes a variety of genres—RPGs, puzzles, platformers, dungeon crawlers—something for everyone to enjoy.

Now, we’re calling on indie developers from our community. Share your stories, your inspirations, and your visions. Let’s create new titles for the ModRetro Chromatic together. Whether you have a game idea inspired by the classics or a completely new concept, we want to hear from you.

Join us in continuing this timeless journey. Reach out and be a part of something extraordinary—simple, engaging, and unforgettable.


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