Display – The Hard Way

ModRetro Display

The Chromatic is the world's only pixel-accurate Game Boy® cartridge-compatible console. In an era of ultra high-resolution displays, we dared to ask what the original artists wanted us to see, and the result blew us away. Sub pixel art and coloration lost to the sands of the time now has a new life.

We were inspired by Phil Jones notes on inaccuracies in emulating Game Boy Color® games. We decided to take these concepts into the physical realm. From the TFT level up, we created a new LCD from scratch at exactly the right pixel size and density, with a physical color correction layer. 

A 160x144 pixel 2.56 inch display in 2024 – the result is the most crisp, the most accurate, the most smile-inducing way to play original and new games. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.



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