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In The Dark 2

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A devastating virus threatens to cripple the Galactic Federations Chief Neural Core, threatening to put an end to intergalactic travel and turning a galaxy spanning empire into mere island settlements - disconnected and alone.

Ikalo Pann, Captain of the Starship Leviathan, must track down the source of this virus and bring the unknown terrorist before the Federation to answer for their crimes. An encrypted message sent by a dead man offers a single thread to unwind the mystery. Within are a set of galactic coordinates and a brief message: "Come find me, Pann..."

Join Ikalo as she solves hundreds of complex puzzles, explores planets for clues and uncovers a deep science fiction mystery.

The Federation Persists! Play the demo here.

  • Story Mode – Featuring 200 increasingly difficult puzzles to solve in 4x4 and 5x5 sizes, and a Science Fiction Mystery to uncover
  • Free Play Mode and Challenge Mode – With over 1,000 possible puzzle combinations, you never know what you'll get!
  • Achievements – Optional Achievements offer additional challenges in Story and Challenge Mode
  • Themes – Unlock 20 unique themes to enjoy in Free Play and Challenge Mode!
  • Shmup Side Game – A bonus arcade-style Shoot'em Up game to play (requires a color device)
  • Save Data (with Data Clear function)
  • Physical Game on Cartridge
  • Instruction Manual
  • [PREORDER BONUS] Chromatic Charm
  • Genre: Adventure Puzzle
  • Platform: Chromatic
  • Developer: Gumpy Function & Pearacidic Games
  • Development Platform: GB Studio
  • Players: Single player
  • Play Time: 20+ Hours
  • Replayability: High
  • Supported Languages: English
  • Compatible With: Chromatic, Game Boy®, Game Boy Color®
  • Target Age: Teen – Ages 13+
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