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Traumatarium Penitent

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A dungeon crawler inspired by the Fighting Fantasy books and Warhammer Quest 1995.

The followup to Traumatarium, Penitent aims to improve on the success of the original, while improving and expanding on almost all aspects. You have three distinct dungeons to overcome, all while managing scarce resources and making hard decisions on when to push on, or use a map to return to the safety of one of the few outposts found in those dark halls.

Traumatarium Penitent takes place well after the events of the original game. The kingdom's knights have broken into two factions: the Penitents, who swore to pay off their sins in defense of the kingdom, and the Ebon Legion, who aim to bring forth again the evil spirits that once haunted the land.

Recently, stirs of an insurrection on a remote island began to take shape, so the Holy Order decided to send one of the faithful Penitents to quickly quell said rebellion. Little did they know they were sending her on a collision course with the Ebon Legion, and an epic first fight for the soul of the kingdom.

  • Three dungeons each with their own thematic elements
  • Survive while managing Vitality and Health as you progress
  • Stunning graphics pushing the hardware limitations
  • Great progression system for quick play sessions
  • A password system harkening back to the classic days of portable gaming
  • Physical Game on Cartridge
  • Instruction Manual
  • [PREORDER BONUS] Chromatic Charm
  • Genre: Dungeon Crawler
  • Platform: Chromatic
  • Developer: Eligos Games
  • Development Platform: GB Studio
  • Players: Single player
  • Play Time: 3+ Hours
  • Replayability: Medium
  • Supported Languages: English
  • Compatible With: Chromatic, Game Boy®
  • Target Age: Teen – Ages 13+
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